How to select Eco Friendly Products

How to select Eco Friendly Products There are many things we can all do to make a difference to our environment. We offer some practical ideas that we can all implement to make a difference.

– Can the item be recycled? – Saves landfill and energy

– Is it possible to pass on clothes and other items to someone else?

– Is the item you are consider buying Bio- degradable or degradable – the product will go back to nature at end of its life

– Consider in the manufacturing process has it travelled many miles impacting on the Carbon Dioxide emissions and carbon footprint

– In the long run will the product save me money?

– Will the item be over packaged?

– Is the product produced by organic means and not using chemicals?

– Can a Water butt be used as a source of water for the garden?

– Has the item been produced without exploitation?

– Has the materials used on the product been soured from sustainable sources? – The materials used will be replenished

– Will using this product cut down on the amount of energy I use?