Energy Saving Tips

In a world full of waste, we have outlined some energy savings measures that could take at not too much cost that would not only to save our environment but the money in your pockets.

– Insulate your home. If you have cavity walls have them insulated.
– Lag pipes and tanks with specialist lagging. The cost lagging a hot water tank can reduce the amount of heat lost.
– Close your curtains especially if they have been interlined as soon as it becomes dark.
– Turn your thermostat down by 1 degree.
– Wash your clothes at a lower temperature rather than washing items at 40 or above degrees.
– When there is an opportunity to dry your clothes outside do so, rather than using a tumble – dryer. If you need to dry indoors, use a clothes horse in a suitable room. If you must use your tumble dryer, use DryerBalls to reduce your drying time and save on – fabric conditioner.
– Wash only full loads in your dishwasher or washing machine.
– Use low energy light bulbs.
– Draught excluders are great for plugging up any gaps around window, doors or letter boxes.
– When you need to change appliances, choose energy-efficient ones with A+ or A++ rating.
– If you need a cup of tea, only boil as much water as you need at the time.
– Don’t leave appliances on standby, switch them off. Alternatively invest in a special vstandby plug that will do the job for you.
– Only use your car to make essential journeys.
– Monitor your energy consumption using smart meter.
– Use Rechargeable Batteries
– Consider wind up gadgets or solar power as an alternative.
– Turn off lights when leaving a room.